Hey there!

I'm Umang, and I created Picture Band because I was one amongst a group of people who shared the problem of sharing our pictures taken at an event with each other. It was terrible.

So, I made this.

Imagine you're going on a trip with four other people. All of you click pictures. Everyone wants all the pictures. So now, each person has to collect pictures from four other people.

Using Picture Band, you can create Tracks, where all of you can upload pictures, and download the ones uploaded by other uses.

Tracks can also be used for events. Create a Track for a concert, and share the link with the attendees. An album for the concert is made when the attendees upload their pictures to the Track. Everyone with a link to Tracks can view the pictures within them.

Picture Band lets you share pictures by creating Tracks. You can give the links to the Tracks you create to your friends, or the attendees of your event, and anyone can register and start uploading pictures to those tracks.

Viewing the pictures, however, is possible by anyone accessing the Track.

I'd really love your feedback.

Oh, and be sure you comply with the terms.

Have a great time!